There are two hemispheres of our brain’s Neocortex. The “Left Brain” controls our logic and scientific thought, tech. The “Right Brain” controls our creativity and compassion, art. When both hemispheres strike a balance, the Neocortex now becomes the Chief Executive Officer of the brain, and true Intelligence (Intellect + Creativity) is born.


People, Places & Products.

“Your story is an inspiration. Keep going for greatness – you will achieve it beyond your wildest imagination.”

Brad Keywell, CEO Uptake

“…make sure you dedicate your time to aligning your self with the highest caliber of people you know.”

Ryan Nece, Partner Next Play Capital

“Please continue to define your greatness.”

Georgio Burciaga, CEO Elevate Digital

“Be the catalyst in another young person’s life.”

Steve Miller, Partner Origin Ventures